Are you putting the fire out?

The Ministry Girl Chronicles

God is an all-consuming fire and so is His Spirit. Once you have Him in your life, you are never the same! I believe that one of the results of having this all-consuming fire is that it makes you thirsty for the things of God, to do Gods will and to please him. Think about it… if you are hot…. you get thirsty!

This fire… this motivation, these gifts that the Lord has given us for the building up of His body are under attack by our own… yes… our own “Spiritual firefighters”.

1 Thess 5:19 says do not put out the Spirits fire! ISV

Pastors and leaders all throughout the church are so caught up with accolades, co-dependency(the desire to be needed by a needy person or people) and self, that they would rather quench God’s spirit than allow His gifts to be unleashed in their congregations!

Ok, let’s…

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