Are you putting the fire out?

God is an all-consuming fire and so is His Spirit. Once you have Him in your life, you are never the same! I believe that one of the results of having this all-consuming fire is that it makes you thirsty for the things of God, to do Gods will and to please him. Think about it… if you are hot…. you get thirsty!

This fire… this motivation, these gifts that the Lord has given us for the building up of His body are under attack by our own… yes… our own “Spiritual firefighters”.

1 Thess 5:19 says do not put out the Spirits fire! ISV

Pastors and leaders all throughout the church are so caught up with accolades, co-dependency(the desire to be needed by a needy person or people) and self, that they would rather quench God’s spirit than allow His gifts to be unleashed in their congregations!

Ok, let’s take a look at it!

In 1 Corinthians we read about all the gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit. The variety and all its diversity. Yet how many of you can actually say that you have heard or seen someone in your congregation stand up and give a Word of Knowledge or even a message in tongues then it’s interpretation? Yet, we know that this was operational in the Church in the book of acts and beyond!

How many Pastors do you actually see allowing the regular folk of the church testify, or even prophesy during service? Does the fact that they are not the Leader or Pastor mean that they are not qualified by the Holy Spirit to operate in their gifting? Come on! Aren’t we supposed to be building Disciples for the Lord? Well Discipleship CYCLES! It doesn’t end with you! We are not supposed to be saying “stay down there” to God’s people. He uses whoever He wills! And you know what most of the time, I said MOST OF THE TIME, it’s the people who we cast off as being unable, unfit or unqualified! He does this to put us in our place! We cannot continue to perpetuate this behavior if we are truly desiring to see GOD be glorified in our churches, in our services and in US as individuals! When we condone this “firefighting” we are working against our Heavenly Father! Can you say spirit of antichrist?…..

Antichrist doesn’t mean against Jesus it means “against Christos” which means “anointed one” and of course you can’t talk about the “Anointed One ” without talking about His “Anointing”… which removes burdens and destroys yokes! The Anointing comes from the Holy Spirit see Isaiah (61:1) SO when we are operating in this destructive false sense of Christianity and Leadership we are operating in the spirit of antichrist.

It is such a hurtful thing to do to the members of Christs’ body, when He called them and gifted them to go forth and do His will, then we Leaders and Pastors quench and stifle their desire to do it because we don’t see them as capable; and we are not depending on the Spirit of God at work within that individual to bring it to pass.

How beautiful and awe-inspiring is it when you get such beauty from something or someone you never expected to get it from? The surprise is glorious! I was listening to Ed Stetzer today and he said ” Life in the Kingdom of God should look like this… ordinary people doing extraordinary things for God, because they have been given permission and we equip them to accomplish the mission that God has given them and us together!”

Instead of stifling and hindering God’s mission, instead of putting the fire out. Let’s start being spiritual PYROMANIACS, when it comes to the fire of God’s Spirit!

Prayer: Father, in the name of Jesus I repent of quenching your spirit in my brother or sister. Lord you gave us ALL gifts and ministries to glorify you and build up your Kingdom. Help me to edify and build up the others you are raising up for such a time as this. Forgive me for any prejudices I have had in choosing leaders, ministers or others for your Church. Help me also Lord to set a standard in my congregation, community and household that will encourage full use of your gifts!

Amen… I love you Lord!

10 thoughts on “Are you putting the fire out?

  1. elijah1757 says:

    What an anointed message, Pastor Lovette! Especially for those who “may have made their beds in hell.”

    “And you know what most of the time, I said MOST OF THE TIME, it’s the people who we cast off as being unable, unfit or unqualified!

    Oh, the outcast!

    Art Katz (1929-2007) talked much about the outcast. He uses the analogy of satan as a dog, getting hold of a child of God like it might a rabbit or squirrel and chewing and chomping, tossing and teasing, until the poor creature is lying their with nothing more than a heartbeat, waiting for the last one to come along.

    The ‘devil dog’ growls up at heaven and says, “okay, now let’s see what You can do with this!”
    And of course God says, “Okay, and takes a hate-filled, angry zealot who’s hands are stained with the blood of saints and saves him ‘from that last heartbeat’ to become the greatest messenger of the Gospel—except the Lord Himself—the world has known.

    But even if we can’t follow the example of Paul, some who HAVE been cast out and who have heard the voice of the Lord, can hold fast to their faith, even though they might live a life of rejection. Blessed are you most assuredly.

    22 “Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake.” – Luk 6:22 KJV

    Here again, I think of another of Art’s messages on Ephesians 3:10. “To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,”

    This ties in with Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s statement, “We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer.”

    I believe this is the blessing Jesus is referring that connects both Luke 6:22 and Eph. 3:10 together.

    If you’ve been “separated from men’s company,” you may not feel that you are unable to serve God in such a way that Paul did or even a lesser traveled evangelist or missionary. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a testimony.

    It may just be that your testimony is the poor creature who’s whimpers and groans are reaching unto the principalities and power in heavenly places that causes satan himself to slap his hands over his ears and scream, “HOW CAN THIS BE?! SHUT UP!!!”


    • trscott003 says:

      Once again this is another powerful message. Pastor Lovette has touched into the mind of the Spirit of God. So many times we as believers tend to forget, or just simply ignore the fact that the life of Jesus Christ is to be used as our example. When we as the believers say that we are Christians, It means that the works that Jesus did, we should do also; for the Word of God says that even greater works shall we do, because he has gone to the father. Jesus’s life was not meant to be something held only exclusive to himself, but we too have been given power over all the works of the evil one (Satan).

      In this message, Pastor Lovette clearly shows through the scripture that many believer have resorted to putting out the fire of God, which is the move of the Spirit. This is done through the lust of the flesh, lust of the eye and the pride of life. In other words, the deceitfulness of riches. The scripture simply says that we should trust in the Lord, Pray without ceasing, Quench not the Spirit (Don’t put out the fire of God) and despise not the Prophets. On many occasions, as was previously mentioned in her message; I’ve witnessed many churches deprived of the Gifts of the Spirit. I’s as if the church has lost it’s “THIRTH” for the things of God. The church and the body of Christ should never become desolate of the move of God. This is precisely why we as believers must stir up the gift that was given to us as a sign of Jesus ascending into heaven and returning back to the father. Since God is a consuming fire, we ought to take on that same nature in spirit and in truth.

      Thank you so much Pastor Lovette for quickening our minds, body and spirit to the reality that we should always be fervent and on fire for the Lord. Amen

      God Bless You,

      Apostle Tearched H. Scott III


  2. Apostle Lamar Johnson says:

    this is an awesome awesome word of truth!!!! i thank God for your wisdom. i bless God for useing you to speak unto His people


  3. Garry Harden says:

    As you know I love you, yet I love you more and more each time you speak in spirit and in truth. You are an amazing women Carman Lovette and I’m so grateful to have met you and to truly witness the Christ in you through the Holy Spirit…. Bravo!!!!


  4. Kirk Broxton says:

    The body of Christ needs to use their gifts in the market place more. I appreciate your blog on this subject; the saints are around each other too much instead of getting out there were the gifts are to be used.


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