The true meaning and value of compassion Pt 1.

When you think of compassion …what comes to mind?

about 4 years ago, for me I would have said ….feeling sorry or being compelled to help someone who was going through in some way. However now, the Lord has truly taught me about compassion….. through my own pain and suffering.


September of 2006 I was at work, just walking across the floor of the office when all of a sudden I had a pain so sharp hit me in my lower back like a knife. It caused me to drop slowly to the floor. For the next 3 months I was hospitalized off and on and during this process i began to lose feeling in my right leg and foot, until I totally lost all feeling. Other symptoms came with this that were unexplainable to the physicians…loss of bladder control and bleeding from the rectum. During one of my two week stays at the hospital, I lost my father. He came to visit me the night he died. He came to bring me my favorite take out and watch a movie with me on my laptop. While he was there he tried to console my concerns about how I would take care of my children and bills being in the condition I was in. His last words to me were” Don’t worry about anything Carman, I am going to help take care of you, as long as you have me , you don’t have to worry about anything”. He then kissed me on my forehead went home at 12:00am, and between that time and 4:00 am he died in his sleep of heart disease.


To be continued…

7 thoughts on “The true meaning and value of compassion Pt 1.

  1. Pastor Darrell Morgan DD says:

    Carmen, Ashleys dad here. Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story. Ive heard a lot of great things about you. Looking forward to meeting you one day.


    • ministrygirl says:

      Thank you Pastor Morgan! I truly look forward to meeting you. This story is in progress Sir, but I want to thank you again because you reminded me that I need to finish it. God is doing Great things! :0)


  2. Jason says:

    This was an extremely sad day. I remember when i got that call and i just couldnt believe it. And again, i commend you on staying strong in those rough times but he is looking down on all of you guys and i know he is very proud regardless of all that extra BS.


  3. Jocelyn M says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your father. This story has already touched me and I am really anticipating part 2. I pray that your body is healed and that you remain strong!
    God Bless


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